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 the biggest PTC-site!! online and paying instant since 2008!!!

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PostSubject: the biggest PTC-site!! online and paying instant since 2008!!!   Wed Aug 17, 2011 2:33 pm

Neobux is one of the best and most trusted PTC Site. It has a good reputation until now, and 99.9% agreed to this fact. Now, neobux didn’t made history by being a scam, it made history by being the most professional, the most successful, the most reliable, the most payable site and the biggest earner for people like us. In my experience, NeoBux is one of the only honest Bux type sites out there right now, and it is not an MLM.

It is online since March 2008. Like any PTC site, Bux sites are owned by different people, though sometimes one owner will start several sites or a site will be run by two or more people. NeoBux is owned by one man (from Portugal) who does not own any other sites, bux or otherwise – and he has made a point of mentioning in the forums that he will never open another site. The site has been online for over two years now and paying all that time.

Neobux is like any other PTC sites. You have to click the ads every day, worth $0.005-$0.015 (0.5-1.5 cents) each, as a standard (free) member. The minimum cash out is $2. The first cash out is minimum $2.00. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cash out until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00. Payments are process through PayPal, AlertPay, or NETELLER and it is instant payment.

You can refer others to NeoBux using your referral link, and they then become your direct referrals. As a standard member, when your direct referral clicks, you get 0.5 cent. When they click a 1.5 cent link, you get one cent. You get nothing if your referral clicks on a 0.5 cent link. Direct referrals are a great way to supplement your earnings on NeoBux, but they’re hard to get nowadays since the site itself has such a huge membership base. A direct referral must have a minimum of two clicks per day to qualify to be sold back to NeoBux.

The other way to make money on NeoBux is by renting referrals. These are people who are not anyone’s direct referral. A referral will only become available for renting when they have clicked at least ten links in five days. The person may have just joined the site five days ago, or they might have joined a year ago and only recently become active enough to be rented out. They could also have been a rented referral in the past that was not renewed by the person who rented them. The rented referral will not know that you have rented them – it is anonymous You have to maintain a pretty high average rented ref click rate as a standard in order for your rented refs to be profitable for you. To pay for the initial renting fee, with a rental period of 30 days, the refs must click an average of 1.67 one cent links each day. To pay for a 90 day renewal, with the 18% discount, the rented refs must click an average of 1.37 links every day. Any amount above this will be pure profit to you. However, in my experience, very few refs maintain a profitable clicking rate for long.

Neobux has a forum. Having a forum is very important and almost a standard thing now as most PTC sites have one. The admin is also very present on the forum, and posts updates pretty often. Definitely make a point to read the NeoBux News section of the forum a couple times a week to see what the admin has planned for the site… The forums are also a great place to ask any questions you have, and the forum search feature is also very useful.

Payments are made instantly which suggests that the site is doing well and it has more than enough money to pay everyone. I’ve been paid by NeoBux several times, always with no problems. All members of neobux are paid and on time. You can find a huge collection of payment proofs in the forum.

It generates enough income from the sale of each ad to pay the amount promised to its members. The cost for 1000 clicks is $18 out of which $15 are paid to standard members. Of course for premium members more is being paid out ($20) but that’s’ a whole different story as there are so many variables with premium memberships. The fact that neobux is the “king” of PTC sites suggests the end result icon wink

It is rated as Elite by PTC Investigations which are one of the best sources of reviews for PTC sites.

Overall, I enjoy NeoBux and recommend it to others. I wouldn’t invest my own money right off the bat to buy referrals, as it’s so difficult to make any money off of them as a standard member. However I’m a cautious person and don’t like taking risks, so take that with a grain of salt. ; ) NeoBux is a great PTC for those not interested in renting refs, too, with high click values and instant payout, not to mention program stability that is rarely seen these days.

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the biggest PTC-site!! online and paying instant since 2008!!!
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