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 Special Offer!, join my clixcents!

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PostSubject: Special Offer!, join my clixcents!   Sat Apr 09, 2011 7:25 pm

Everyone is talking about clixcents, no one has ever complan of it.... yet.
So heres my offer:
Join under my referral link and i will keep your premium members membership until u get ur first cashout.
Heres the catch, the minimum payout is 150, and if u are a standard member it will take forever to do so.
SO, join under my referral link, buy premium membership (only 2.5 a month). What will u get? 40 ads at 0.04 per ad, so you earn 1.6 alone with your own clicks. If you go all alone, u can make ur payout in like 3 months.
didnt make myself clear enough? ok, join, buy ur premium, click everyday (be active!) and when ur premium expires, ill buy it for you until you make ur first cashout.

here's the link:

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Special Offer!, join my clixcents!
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