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PostSubject: - New bux with big amount of clicks   Thu Aug 01, 2013 5:57 pm

I would like to introduce you new bux : It's new, so it will be easier to gain direct referrals for you.

We earn on :

  • clicks - actually 1x0,01$ ; 4x0,005$; 4x0,003$; 20+x0,001$ - total : 0,06+$ daily
  • PTSU - paid to sign up and e.g. click one day ads - from 0,1$ to 0,5$
  • ClixGrid - 15 chances daily - win up to 5$
  • RefContest - Contenst for the biggest amount of DR during e.g. one week - there is 100$ to win.
  • Renting Referrals - 0,3$ per one.
  • Bonus points for clicks - you can upgrade your account using those points.
  • Traffic exchange

Minimum payment is 2$. You can payout using PayPal and Payza.

Earning tables according as upgrades of account.

Proof of payment

Links to join :
Reflink :
Czysty :

I recommend you adding this bux to your "bux-list", it's really good.

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