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 Make $600 per Month without effort, With Uploading , Details inside

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PostSubject: Make $600 per Month without effort, With Uploading , Details inside   Fri Nov 11, 2011 12:19 am

Hello ,, is the best File Hosting, I'll explain you the reasons in details, with proofs from my account

Earning with is really easy, because you can share any files you need or want. For instance, you have a bunch of photos you want to share with your friends. Upload them to and sent them to your Facebook or Myspace friends.

You can get paid for something that you already do. We share files with our friends daily, but do one really knows that we can get paid for uploading files on the Internet.

Just upload he file , then spread it into forums, social networks, and you will paid automatically without any effort

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

"NB. the file must be larger than 1mb to paid"
if you have many files, each less the 1mb "like images" you can put them in zip file to be larger than 1mb.
Registering in very easy and free

To Register Click on the Banner :

choose SignUp from the top right on the page, put your email, and choose a password
First, My Payments Proof till now, with total amount of 134.65$

Second, Why is the best?

1- Counts downloads from all countries with the same rate .......... [HOT]

Unlike the other file Hosting "hotfile, fileserve, filesonic, wupload,....etc.." which divide the world countries into 4 grades
(A,B,C,D) with different rates, that decrease your earnings if the person who download your files is from "C" or "D"
2- High Rate per download, compared with other file hosting sites:

This is the rate for 1000 downloads for the rank "normal" that you will be after registering :

if your files has high download rate, you will take a higher rank "Power, Super, Ultra" which multiply your earnings
3- The site will pay you for every file download instantly, not for 1000 downloads, thah means if your file downloaded less than 1000 times, you will be paid .
4- The site give you a bonus every week, on monday, with amount of 50%-100% of the difference between your earning this week and previous week , this is in additional to your basic earning .

For instance, some affiliate made $200 last week, and $280 next week, so this affiliate will get $80 bonus payout, as $80 is 100% of difference between revenue for current and previous week.

To view your bonus go to "MY DASHBOARD" from top menu, then choose "BONUSES"
5- Te Site will give you 20% from your referrals earnings, the 20% is from "", not from "your referrals"
"referral" is the person who register from your link

To view your earnings from referrals , go to "MY DASHBOARD" from top menu, then choose "STATISTICS"
To view your link & your referrals, go to "MY DASHBOARD" from top menu, then choose "REFERRALS"
6- will give you a "commission" for any person purchase a premium account during downloading your file

To view your commisions, go to "MY DASHBOARD" from top menu, then choose "STATISTICS"
This is a screen shoot of My earnings from Referrals & Sales & bonus:


7- Payment will add to your bank after 1-2 days from requesting, minimum paying 15$ , no maximum support "Alertpay , webmoney , paypal , epese"

This is a screen shoot of my payments requests, with total amount of 134.65$:

To request Payment, and view all your previous payments, go to "MY DASHBOARD" from top menu, then choose "PAYMENTS"
8- you can make upload from browser, or from uploading program, This is a small program with size of 2.2mb
which is faster than uploading from browser, and if an error occurred, the program will try to re-upload the file automatically

you can download the program from the site, Choose "Top Files" from the down menu, this will open another page,
then choose "Internet Software" --> "uploader"
9- The site Support "Remote upload" , in additional to uploading files from your computer, you can upload files from the internet directly, from another file hosting , or from anywhere, just put the direct link of the file, and will be add to you files
at , and gives you your link, after few seconds whatever the size of file
This is a very important for whom has a slow internet connection
To Register Click on the Banner :

Choose SignUp from the top right on the page, put your email, and choose a password
Don't Upload Porn files , otherwise your account will be suspended
Good Luck .......

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Make $600 per Month without effort, With Uploading , Details inside
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